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About Us

Farm-to-Table Food Kiosk in Santa Cruz, CA

NahNa is a family-owned and operated quick-serve food kiosk (with sit-down garden area) in Santa Cruz, CA, located at the corner of Pacific Ave and Cooper St, kiosk 1.

NahNa offers a modern twist on delectable, traditional Eritrean cuisine. We feature flavorful stews, fresh vegetables and a variety of meat and non-meat options, wrapped in deep tradition and homemade Taita flatbread.

Drop by and enjoy the mouthwatering aromas and flavors of Eritrean cuisine, inspired by Mediterranean and Ottoman culinary traditions - perfect for a stop along your downtown Santa Cruz stroll.

Find us each weekend at the Kiosk near the corner of Pacific Ave. and Cooper St., and also on Wednesdays at the Downtown Santa Cruz Farmer's Market.

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NahNa Logo.png
NahNa Logo.png
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